"While other auto makers wanted to design luxury cars, Henry Ford designed a car that anyone could afford."

The United States of America didn't just invent freedom, baseball, monster truck driving, rock'and'roll, and the colors red, white, and blue. A proud American named Henry Ford also invented a little something called the Model T. And ever since then, new and used Ford cars have been sought out all over the world for their durability, safety, and reliability.

If you're looking for a car that comes with a century-long legacy of quality, and that was made in American factories, for American drivers, then North Coast Auto Brokers has the widest selection of used Ford cars for sale Rochester, NY could hope for. So if you're looking for Ford trucks, sedans, SUV's, and more, then North Coast Auto Brokers always has a variety of vehicles for you to choose from -- and best of all -- at a price you can afford. It doesn't matter if you have bad credit, low credit, no credit, or even a bankruptcy in your past, we will work to get you the best used car loan rates we possibly can.

Ford Cars For Sale Rochester, NY

More than a century ago, in 1913 Henry Ford helped usher in a new era of American industrial might, when his factories started producing the game changing Model T automobile. Ever since, America has been a nation built for car drivers, which have shaped the face of modern American cities and homes. Our interstate highway system has even been called one of the new wonders of the modern world, opening up the country to a new era of safe, affordable travel -- from sea to shining sea.

So while North Coast Auto Brokers inventory of Rochester Ford cars for sale might not have vintage Model T's, we do have just about everything else to roll off Henry Ford's world famous assembly lines. Our lot on 2595 Ridgeway Avenue in Greece has one of the widest selection of quality used Ford cars and trucks available in all of New York. That's why drivers from all over the Upstate visit our lot all year long, whether they're looking for used Ford trucks or SUV's.

Drivers know that Ford cars and trucks are known for their durability, which is why they've been a popular choice for used car buyers for decades.

Why Buy A Used Ford Car Rochester, NY?

If you see a used Ford SUV, truck, or sedan on our lot, then it might not be parked here for long. Why are Ford cars so trusted by people looking for affordable used cars?

  • U.S. News & World Report recently named the Ford Fusion the "#1 Midsize Used Car For Sale" in 2013 (the last year rankings were available).
  • That's not the only Ford they picked out for its resale value. The Ford F-150 was also named one of the highest-rated used trucks for sale, while the 2009, 2010, and 2011 Ford Expedition were all top ranked used SUV's for sale.
  • And if you're hunting for the perfect starter car for a teen or first time driver, both used Ford Mustangs and used Ford Fusion cars were named top choices for new drivers because of their affordability and superior IIHS Crash Test Rating.

Used Car Financing Online - Used Car Loan Rates Rochester, NY

North Coast Auto Brokers is a local, family business that's been providing the safe but affordable used cars Rochester drivers have depended on for half a century. The only way a used car dealership can stay in business after 50 years of serving customers is by providing honest, upfront service year after year. We are committed to providing the most lowest used car loan rates Rochester has to offer the entire Upstate.

Even if you have bad credit, no credit, or even a bankruptcy in your past -- don't let Bad Credit Anxiety keep you from driving away in the best used cars in Rochester. North Coast Auto Brokers will work with first time car buyers to qualify you for the most competitive and affordable interest rates around, sometimes as low as two to three percent. We've spent years fine tuning our application process to ensure we never waste our customers' time or money. You can even apply online for financing with our secure, digital used car loan rates calculator.

Apply For The Best Rochester Used Car Loan Rates In Person

Simply put, North Coast Auto Brokers has the most competitive used Ford car loan rates Rochester has ever seen, and that's because we work with everyone who walks through our doors to find the best financing options possible. We understand how important it is to own a car to get to work, school, and everywhere else. Owning a car improves your quality of life, full stop, especially during those long winters, and so we care deeply about making sure you can afford and finance the car you've been dreaming about.

So stop by our lot in Greece, Monday through Saturday. After a quick credit check and application, the bank usually responds in just a few minutes, so you don't have to wait to find out if you qualify for the best used car loan rates in Rochester, NY. If you're looking to purchase cheap used Ford cars, then make North Coast Auto Brokers on 2595 Ridgeway Avenue your first stop.

Why Buy Used Ford Cars?

Every vehicle on our lot goes through a rigorous safety and quality check, including state inspections, oil changes, service, and detailing. If you've been saving up or doing credit score aerobics to get your bank account in shape this year, then check out our extensive inventory of used cars for sales in Rochester, NY. If you've never purchased a used car before, then ask around about North Coast Auto Brokers. There's a good chance we've sold a cheap used car to someone you know.

So no matter what your credit score looks like, call us today at (585) 225-1280 for more information and ask about any of the used Ford cars for sale on our lot. Our buyers are always on the look out for quality used Ford Cars Rochester drivers can use to get their life in gear.