Our team understands just how crucial it is to have a car to get to work or school, but finding used car loan rates in Rochester, NY, can send people heading for the nearest bus stop. Instead, visit North Coast Auto Brokers. We understand that driving a car isn't a luxury, it's an absolute necessity in the 21st century -- especially if you live in the Upstate. That's why we will try to qualify everyone who comes through our doors for a used auto loan rate they can afford -- no matter what their credit score looks like. We've simplified the loan application process to save you time and money. And we can't wait to approve you for a low-interest loan so we can start showing off our large inventory of reliable -- and affordable -- used cars. No matter what kind of ride you're looking for this year, we've got something to suit everyone's taste, from Mustangs to Minivans, and Mazda to Mercedes. We will try and qualify everyone for a loan… So come visit us at 2595 Ridgeway Avenue or call us at (585) 225-1280, and we could have an answer for you in minutes! You can even apply for used car loan rates in Rochester, NY, with our convenient and secure online application form.

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Many of our customers want to know, "Do I qualify for any used car loan rates based on my credit score?" Many of them are surprised to learn that they do qualify, and for a lower interest rate than they expected. If you have bad credit or even a bankruptcy in your past, don't stop yourself from driving away in the used car you deserve. So do you have good credit? Great. Bad credit? Not a problem, because we will even work with first-time car buyers. Don't let Bad Credit Score Anxiety keep you on the sidewalk for another year. Step onto our lot and find out what kind of used auto loan rate you qualify for in minutes. We work hard to get the most competitive and affordable interest rates available. Some of our customers end up qualifying for used car loans with two to three percent interest rates! And the application process has never been easier. Simply give us your information online using our safe and secure digital application. You can also call or stop by in person at your convenience, Monday through Saturday. First, we will do a credit check to find you the best rate we possibly can. Then, we submit your loan application using whatever money down you would like to provide. The bank usually responds to us in a matter of minutes, so you'll know right away where you stand. Our dealership is always upfront and honest, and that's why our cars always go through state inspections, oil changes, service, and detailing. So if you're looking for used cars in Rochester, NY, or curious about what used auto loan rates you qualify for with your credit history, then North Coast Auto Brokers is your one-stop destination. Remember: we don't just want to help you find the car of your dreams, we want to make sure you can afford it, too!

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If you've tried to buy a new car recently, you've undoubtedly been up-sold on automatic seat adjusters, satellite radio, onboard computers, GPS navigation, and if you live here in the Upstate, those coveted seat warmers for the annual winter freeze. While there's nothing wrong with those particular luxuries, we know that most people just want a car that can get them from Point A to Point B as safely and reliably as possible. That's where North Coast Auto Brokers comes in… We want to help everyone in the Flower City drive away in the car that they need, and the car that they've always wanted. So don't wait to find out if you qualify for used car loan rates Rochester. Our local family business has been serving Upstate drivers for half a century; in fact, chances are we've sold a car to one of your neighbors already. The reason we're still in business and growing fast after 50 years and three generations? It's because our customers know they can trust us to provide the best rates for the best used cars in the Greater Rochester Area -- and we mean it, just ask about us around town. We take pride in helping all our customers qualify for the best used car interest rates available -- no matter what their credit history looks like -- so they can get behind the wheel and finally start living their best life. Stop waiting for the bus already and call us today at (585) 225-1280 for more information. Or apply online for the best used car loan rates Rochester, NY, has to offer!